Publishing a company profile and participating in our ratings and reviews process is free. But, if your company performs well in our vetting process and wants to increase its visibility on SimpliDeferred, we offer several levels of sponsorship.

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is an opportunity for your company to increase its visibility across different states in the US.

When you land on a state’s page, the default sort is "Sponsored," which means that sponsors show up first. Companies with the highest level of sponsorship show up before lesser levels of sponsorship. All sponsors are clearly marked with the sponsor flag: S P O N S O R

Visitors may use the filter tool and change the sort order. SimpliDeferred lists companies based on our methodology and client reviews. If no firms sponsor a state, the default order follows the listing parameters the user selects, such as highest rating, lowest price, etc.

Why Sponsorship?

Our sponsorship model provides an opportunity for you to promote your company to the people seeking your services.

In addition to exposure on SimpliDeferred, our top tier sponsorship levels will run Facebook ads and other digital marketing campaigns specific to your company. We work with some of the best digital marketers in the industry, which is critical for a profitable campaign.

Sponsorship Tiers

Our sponsorship tiers and the benefits associated with each are listed below. Please note, when there are multiple sponsors of the same level in the same state, the company with the highest reviews will get ranked first.

/ month


  • Headquarter’s location + Up to 5 state sponsorships (none included)
  • Priority Listing behind Silver