We Saw a Challenge

Finding unbiased and accurate information while searching for a Qualified Intermediary was near impossible.

If you go to any Qualified Intermediary’s website, it may seem like they are all the best, because of course, they promote themselves and their image. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s a biased perspective.

We Found a Solution

We take the speculation out of the decision-making process BEFORE you entrust a Qualified Intermediary with your money.

Every Qualified Intermediary we list has to apply and pass our vetting process conducted by a SimpliDeferred analyst. We verify all information pertaining to the Qualified Intermediary is completely accurate.

The same vetting standards are upheld before client reviews are allowed to be posted. All client reviews are submitted to SimpliDeferred analysts, at which time our analysts reach out to the client and screen them to verify the validity of the review. After the submitted review has passed our screening process, it is then available to see on the Qualified Intermediaries company profile.

Find a market leading Qualified Intermediary with qualities and experience to handle your 1031 Exchange!